• Description: The reflective powder is made of a kind of glass bead powder material. This product only comes to life when there is a direct source of light on it. These pigments provide a radiant addition to any craft or industry project. 

  • Applications: Paint & Coatings, Screen Printing, Textile Inks, Traffic Signs, Firemen’s Equipment,…

Reflective Pigment

ItemsWhite ColorGray Color
Reflective Index1.93±0.11.93±0.1
Particle Size10-100 microns150-800 mesh20-90 microns170-500 mesh
The main ingredientsTiO2_BaO_SiO2TiO2_BaO_SiO2
Permeability ≤1% ≤1%
Cong tac thien nguyen